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The UM! Brands Essential Kit was made exclusively for college students to help them make the most of their limited dorm space.

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The UM! Brands Essential Kit was made exclusively for college students to help them make the most of their limited dorm space.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What surfaces do UM! Brands™ Products stick to?
The patent-pending EverSTIK™ material has been tested to work on most smooth, non-porous surfaces, such as: painted, stained or varnished wood, glass, tile, painted cinder block, metal, and wallboard. 

Do UM! Brands™ Products work on brick and other uneven surfaces?
While UM! Brands™ Products can tolerate a certain level of unevenness; their strength diminishes with the degree of unevenness. This means that on certain uneven surfaces UM! Brands Products can still work very well, but on very uneven surfaces such as brick, the products lose their effectiveness.

Do UM! Brands™ Products work on painted surfaces?
Yes, but we advise against using UM! Brands products on oil-based paints, as the material may react with, then dull the surface after extended use.

Do UM! Brands™ Products work on wallpaper?
While UM! Brands products can work very well on most wallpaper, as a general rule we do not recommend using UM! Brands products on them as the strength of the suction may tear off their weaker, older counterparts. It is hard to know until actually trying it out on the surface.

Are UM! Brands™ Products water-resistant?
Yes. Due to the suction nature of the EverSTIK™ material, water does not affect the viscosity of adhesion. However, the material must be dry before use. After the material is applied to a surface and the vacuum is sealed, the product becomes completely water-proof.

What is Nanosuction?
In its simplest terms, nanosuction is the power of millions of miniature suction cups, packed as tightly as the cells of your skin that it feels like a smooth plastic sur- face to your hand.

When a vacuum is present between a smooth non-porous surface and a suction cup, the higher atmospheric pressure outside of the cup enables the suction cup to maintain its grip.

What is EverSTIK™?
EverSTIK™ is our revolutionary, patented material made with a thermoplastic elastomer base imbued with our proprietary formula to create the optimal nanosuction adhesion, striking the perfect balance between strength and reusability.

Are UM! Brands™ Products safe for children?
Yes, all UM! Brands™ Products are RoHS Compliant and have been tested to be free of lead, mercury, cadmium, and a variety of other hazardous substances.