Nano Suction technology & Umbrands: just appeared on Dragons Den.  “Winning investment from the Den was a real achievement for the technology and the nano-suction product range” You can still view the full presentation on the Den by clicking on the links.

After Nanotech Laboratories appeared on the show, many things have now changed – our entire high street suppliers have sold out in every retail outlet across the country. We have since opened our own online shop here to help with demand. Unfortunately has also virtually sold out too, we have a shipment being air freighted within the next few days. We apologise for the inconvenience & delay this may have caused you. 

If you did not see the Dragons Den and how all the products work – Umbrands use nanotechnology to manufacture millions of microscopic suction cups, so small they can’t be seen by the human eye (a billionth of a meter wide to be accurate). The whole Umbrands range can be simply washed and re-used for life. Umbrands products (nano tech) leave no sticky residue or mark the surface they stick to, yet they are extremely strong and have no glue component - so they are not toxic in any way for pets and children… Just a tiny hook can carry a huge weight of over 5kg or 50 coats :)  

Brighten up your home & kitchen with the very latest in technology with our range of amazing colours. 

If you wish to be a distributor/retailer simply contact us at  Nanotech Laboratories is bringing out some amazing new products before the end of the year, so leave you details and we will send you a FREE sample on release. Check out our patented Nano-techsticky tape and buds to fix things like posters to the wall without any damage… Our new patented Nano Tape will be available in practically every country in the world by the end of the year. We are pleased to say we have sold out globally at the moment – all replacement stock is in manufacture and will be available within 4 weeks time.


Have fun with NanoTech Laboratories & !  

Tracy E Baker


Nano stick/suction basic kitchen range -

Nanostick Technology

UmBrands, already available in every town in the USA in retailers such as Walmart, Office Depot, Staples, Amazon and many more – are now available in the UK, stocked in Wilkinsons and available in 380 of their stores – as well we via the website

UmBrands is an amazing, patented technology that uses a unique nanotechnology, millions of micro-suction cups naked to the human eye, to create a suction stronger than glue. With UM!Brands, we no longer need to use nails or screws, - or use glue-based products that ruin our walls. have just launched the new, amazing nano-suction product range into Europe - including the popular Stick–Ums, Note-Ums, Hook-Ums, Clip-Ums, Mirror-Ums, and Frame-Ums.

  • Stick-Ums have nano-suction technology on both sides – which means that you can not only stick StickUMs to any smooth surface – but you can stick anything ‘to’ them – up to a lb in weight. Perfect for holding your mobile phone, in the car or around the house!

    Stick Um

  • Note-Ums are unique whiteboard notepads that can stick to any smooth surface and peel straight off. They come in three sizes – small, medium and large – and all come with a whiteboard pen.

    Note Um

  • Hook-Ums come in three different shapes and sizes – Rocket, Clown and Space Shuttle. Unbelievably strong in suction, they can carry up to 5lbs in weight!! Perfect for use around the home.

    Hook Um

  • Clip-Ums are available in two forms, Stationary and Industrial. The stationary clips some in a set of three and can be used to hold lighter items such as tea-towels or paperwork. The Clip-Um Industrial is shaped perfectly to hold items such as brooms and brushes.

    Clip Um

  • Mirror-Ums are fantastic for kids, or being on the move. Small in size, round or square – you can now stick your mirror to any flat surface, peel it off and move it somewhere else.

    Mirror Um

  • Frame-Ums provide a brand new way to display your favourite photographs…whether it be on the fridge, on the wall, on a door – you can now simply insert your 6x4 photograph into a Frame-Um and place it wherever you choose – without using nails and drilling holes! Available in packs of 3.

    Frame Um

  • Combo Kits are also available – including the most popular UmBrands products available today.

    Combo Kits

All of the UmBrands products stick to any smooth surface – plastic, glass, tiles, wood or metal – and they leave no residue or marks on the surface they have been stuck to…and they can be peeled off and used again and again - reusable after just a simple wash.

Arron Scott-Thomas has also patented a glueless Sellotape™, launching under the name and in most high street stores later this year. The potential billion pound company has high hopes in the nanotech market - making life easier, from building, to fridge magnet replacements.